Twig Pay is a circular way to pay- you do not need money to shop. You can instantly sell your pre-loved fashion or electronic items to Twig, and finance your next purchase. Simple. Certain. Fast.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Twig is the new generation of circular economy finance. Twig allows you to offload unwanted items for instant cash, which you can enjoy with your free Twig Card. By using Twig you will enter the new generation of circular economy finance. You can adopt a sustainable lifestyle which can also help you unlock wealth in your home. Our app currently has a range of services you can implement into your day, from offloading your unwanted items and getting instant cash, to offsetting your carbon and planting trees. We are always working on making the app better for you and adding more exciting features.

You can either open a Twig account at pay via the retailer’s website you are using or download our app on the App Store or Google Play. If you make an account on the website, you can log into the app and use it via mobile too, this works vice versa too. The process whether it is online or on mobile is a guided, simple process. You will need to provide some personal information (such as your name, contact information and address), then you will need to verify your identity using a form of identification and provide a selfie to match.

Once you have a Twig account, we can give you our valuations for each item you have previously bought on that website. These valuations will be the amount that Twig will pay for these items. If you would like to make money from items you no longer need, you can cash them out through Twig, instantly. This will mean that Twig will give you instant cash for these items, which will be loaded on your Twig Card. You can then use the funds on your Twig Card to pay for any new purchases on our partners’ websites.

At the moment, we do not provide buy now, pay later services, but we do provide buy now, pay never.

With Twig pay, you do not have to pay for your purchases using your money, you can pay for them using your unwanted items from any retailer you are about to make a new purchase from. You can get instant cash from Twig and unlock the wealth within your wardrobe using our online website features or via our mobile app - available on the App Store and Google Play (insert links to these too)

At the moment, the maximum clothing items you can cash out on Twig are three per month and for electronics you can cash out an unlimited number of items.Overall, your maximum cash value is £1,200. We are working on providing premium services which could change this number and value.

At the moment, we currently have no limit to how much you can spend with your Twig Card.

At the moment, opening an account and having a Twig Card is free.

If you would like to close your Twig account, please contact our support team at support@twigcard.com. If your card has been lost or stolen, you can freeze your card on the app using the ‘freeze card’ button and let our support team know at support@twigcard.com.

You can sell your items to Twig either through the ‘pay’ stage at our partnered retailer websites or through our app (available on the App Store and Google Play). You can upload your item, follow the steps on the app and have a valuation for your items within seconds.

Your transaction can fail for a couple of reasons. First, check if you have enough funds in your Twig account. If you do and the transaction still does not go through, contact our support team at support@twigcard.com with the following information:

Name of the retailer/person you are trying to complete the transaction with
Date of the transaction
Amount of the transaction
Reason of the transaction

So they can look into this for you.

No, shipping to us can either be done by Royal Mail or by our courier service. It is £2 if you print and us a shipping label, it is £7 if you would like a courier to come to your house with a printed label.

If you think your account is being used by somebody else, your account has been opened by someone else or are experiencing anything else related to fraud, we are here to help. Contact our support team at support@twigcard.com. Please include your full name, email address used to sign up to Twig and the fraudulent activity that has happened with your account.

Twig currently buys mens', womens', and unisex clothes, electronics and more.

Twig accepts the following clothing from all genders:

  • Dresses
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Sweaters, Cardigans & Knitwear
  • T-Shirts, Shirts & Tops
  • Trousers / Pants

Twig also accepts the following:

  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • E-readers
  • Consoles
  • Games
  • Smart watches
  • Activity trackers
  • Headphones
  • Blueray Dvd
  • Books

You can contact our support team using this email address: support@twigcard.com

You can verify your identity by providing some personal information on our app or on the retailers’ website you are attempting to pay on. Then you will be asked to provide a form of identification where a selfie will also be needed to authorise this.

The verification process may take up to 48 hours as we check your address and that your selfie matches up with your identification. If it takes longer than this, let us know at support@twigcard.com.

If your verification has failed with Twig, we unfortunately cannot provide you with an account at the time being.

Your card will arrive within 5 to 10 working days from verifying your identity. If it has not arrived within this time, please send your name and address to support@twigcard.com stating you have not received your card yet. They will look into this for you.

No you cannot complete a transaction without receiving your card. Once you do, you must activate your card on the app, complete a chip and pin transaction then you can do online, contactless and money transfers on the app.